Yelena Ossipova, Alexey Bespalov, and Yana Ossipova

My family got to know Nadine Brown in 1999. We got to know her by chance; however, we never regretted it since. She handled our case very professionally, even though she made us aware ahead of time that our case specifically was her first of that kind and that we could’ve chosen a more experienced attorney instead. She handled our case so professionally, that the judge and immigration officer had only one question at the hearing. Our case had a judgment in our favor and the decision was declared right in the courtroom. All of that indicates how precisely, professionally, and competently our case was prepared by Nadine Brown. Besides her professionalism, I want to note Nadine Brown’s attentive and tactful attitude towards her clients. She was calling us about any beneficial programs for us and helped us to participate in them. We were only in the United States for seven months when we asked Nadine for her service. It’s been eight and a half years since we trust all of our immigration needs and services to her! In three years, when we apply for US citizenship, we will only do it through Nadine Brown’s services. Her services are professional, tactful, and competent and her fees are affordable.