Cigdem K.

I met Nadine A. Brown for the first time in October 2006. My first impression was that she was honest, intelligent and kind. Since then she has proven herself to be those things. She told me the truth which was what I needed to hear. I had been 6 years married to my husband with no Green Card and she helped me get my Green Card in an extraordinary circumstance and in an extraordinary amount of time. I don’t think I would have gotten my Green Card without her diligent and tedious hard work. It was clear she knew what she was doing. She also proved that she is dedicated to helping people. She helped me with my divorce that took almost 3 years to complete. She was aggressive and diligent. I had a difficult case with many complicated issues and was fighting for the custody of my children. She helped me keep my children and worked out the details of the divorce. Over the course of the time I have known her, she has proven to be more than an attorney; she is an advocate and friend. I trust her and highly recommend her both for Immigration and Family Law matters.