A. Eril Valcourt

I left Haiti when I was a young girl and came by boat without my parents. I was all alone. I met Attorney Nadine Brown in 1999 when she was working at Catholic Charities Immigration & Refugee Services in Orlando. I was only 16 years old at the time and had been in the United States for only 3 years. She worked on my case and always kept me informed about what was happening. She came with me to my Immigration Interview and even when I was so nervous about what would happen because you hear so many bad stories about Immigration Officers, she calmed me down. I have learned a lot about life growing up on my own. Ms. Brown gave me good advice and encouraged me to keep going forward. She would encourage me to apply for citizenship and when I decided to, even reviewed my application for me. When I got married, she helped my husband process his paperwork too. She went to the Immigration Court with us and explained everything so there were no surprises. We felt more at ease once we knew what to expect and how the process works. We have faced challenges, but we have overcome so many obstacles. We had another attorney before her and he just took our money without giving us his time or an explanation. We feel that Ms. Brown gave us more than she charged us for. Her advice and the quality of the representation truly are priceless. She is a good and genuine person who cares. She is not just our lawyer, she is a friend. I hope she continues in her success helping immigrant people because we need someone like her who cares about what happens to us. I think she is an excellent lawyer and urge anyone needing assistance to seek her out.