Immigration Facts

Truth or Myth?

Myth: All I need is someone, any U.S. citizen to sponsor me for the Green Card…
Truth: Either an immediate family member that is already a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or an employer can sponsor you if you meet certain other conditions.

Myth: If I am here illegally, all I need to do is pay a $1000 penalty/fine and I can get my Green Card…
Truth: Only some people qualify for the $1000 penalty fee program called “Section 245(i)”. These applicants must have already started the process for getting a Green Card.

Myth: If I am already a Permanent Resident, the Citizenship & Immigration Service (U.S.C.I.S.) cannot deport me. I am protected.
Truth: Many Lawful Permanent Residents or Green Card holders have and are being deported for various reasons, primarily for criminal activity and convictions in the U.S. regardless of how long they have lived in the States.

Myth: I can get a work permit by just applying for one…
Truth: Work Permits are a benefit to those who apply for a specific immigration program or who are in the process of applying for a Green Card.

Myth: If I have lived in the U.S. for 10 years I can get a Green Card. Or If I live here a long time and pay my taxes I will become eligible for a Green Card…
Truth: If you live here for 10 years and are placed in deportation proceedings and you have U.S. citizen children, parents or a U.S. citizen spouse you may be able to get a Green Card. There are more requirements to this benefit.

Myth: If there is an amnesty, although I am illegal, I can apply for a Green Card…
Truth: There is and have never been an amnesty program. There are legalization programs with specific requirements for the applicants. “Amnesty” means that all illegal status is forgiven. This is not so. Not everyone is eligible for a legalization program. Consult an attorney to determine if one exists and whether you qualify.

Myth: If I pay my taxes and buy property or have credit in the U.S., they will not deport me…
Truth: Despite being a property owner, tax payer and otherwise law abiding person, you are not automatically eligible for Legal Residency in the U.S.; however, it may be favorable to your case if you are able to apply for Residency at some point.

Myth: I have a visa for 10 years and I can stay in the U.S. for that long…
Truth: The visa in your passport allows you to enter the U.S. for as many times as you wish during those 10 years, however, you may only stay 30 days to 6 months each entry during those 10 years. This is based on a different entry permit you receive when disembarking your flight. This permit is called an I-94 Card.

Myth: If I am in deportation proceedings, I can just marry a U.S. citizen to stop from being deported…
Truth: Marriages which occur while you are in deportation proceedings are considered suspect. You need to prove that you have a legitimate marriage and meet certain other conditions before the U.S.C.I.S. will terminate proceedings.

See an Immigration Lawyer to find out more information and how you may qualify for a Green Card…

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